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Payment API

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Payment API

I will add a Payment API that requires you to pass a CampID, BookingID, Payment Amount, Payment Method, Payment Status and Currency (all mandatory), Transaction ID, Fee amount and notes (all optional). It will also require a code generated using TOTP from a secret key which will be generated per event by

All parameters will be passed in via an HTTP POST and will require SSL. The response will be JSON indicating success or failure.

A new field will be available as a mail merge field in to the thankyou page and booking completion email that will contain a link to make payment. You will need to enter the URL of the link and the Camp ID, Booking ID, currency and amount will be added to the URL and so passed as GET parameters to your link.

You will be able to restrict access to this API by IP address, if you desire.


$150 (116%)

Company: SEKTR
Company Status: Verified
Suggestion Made By : Wouter
Suggestion Made : 07 Aug 2018
Target Amount : $150


SEKTR have promised that they will use the money raised as follows:

Given to the Frankie Manning Foundation

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