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  • You may not use this service in an offensive, abusive or illegal manner.
  • There is a maximum amount that you can have committed to any one suggestion and a maximum amount that you can have committed overall without credit card verification. The maximums vary, but new users start out with a $25 maximum per suggestion and $100 maximum overall. Facebook connected users start with a $100 maximum per suggestion and $500 maximum overall. Commitments can be withdrawn from suggestions in suggested or open status after 30 days.
  • We expect you to pay what you committed, but we understand that circumstances change. If you do not pay what you commit, you will need to explain to us why you did not pay in order to withdraw the commitment.
  • Once a implementation of a suggestion that you have co-funded is completed, you may vote to approve (or fail) the implementation. You have 30 days in which to vote, and failure to vote counts as implicit approval. The process for a fail vote is fully described in the expert level terms, but if after the process is completed the suggestion is still considered to have failed and you voted for fail, you will be refunded.
  • Once a suggestion is complete and approved, any further correspondence take place between the Co-Funders and the company/group/individual responsible for the change. Co-Funded can take no responsibility for actions taken by a company/group/individual after a suggestion has been implemented and approved by the Co-Funders.

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