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Co-Funded aims to improve existing services, products and establishments by allowing you to petition with money for specific changes that you want to see happen.

The power of crowdfunding provides the incentive and means to make it happen.

  • Hey local pizza company, I’d give $5 if you started offering your pizzas with an option for a gluten free base.
  • Hey band, I'd pay $20 if you added my city to your tour.
  • Hey website, I'd pay $10 if you updated your password restrictions and started hashing my password securely!
  • Hey coffee shop, I'd give $5 if you stocked peppermint tea.
  • Hey freeware/open source phone time tracking app, let me export my data directly to CSV. I'll offer up $2 for that functionality.
  • Hey college, implement and enforce a set of rules that will abolish rape culture and set up a program to support victims. I'll contribute $20 towards making this a reality.
  • Hey city, please add a water fountain with a doggy bowl in the park. I'll put $30 towards the cost.
  • Hey podcaster, do an article about this thing the internet's arguing about. I'd give a dollar to see that.
  • Hey comedian, make fun of this evil company. Shut up and take my $7.
  • Hey project management system, I need you to link to my employees' calendars so I can synchronize all their devices. We would pay $500.
  • Hey credit union, I'd pay $5 if you'd stay open an extra 3 hours one night a week.
  • Hey theatre, let me book tickets online and choose my seat. I'd pay $2 to be able to do it any time.
  • Hey social media website, I'd pay $1 if you'd notify me each time this thing happens.
  • Hey fast food company, change your packaging to be environmentally friendly. $10 to help save the world!
  • Hey room booking system, please let me delete multiple bookings at once. It takes too long to do them one by one. $15 if you do it.
  • Hey public library, can we get some nice sofas in there so we have a comfortable place to read? I know you're underfunded, I can spare $40 towards that.

More Examples

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Make a suggestion

I Wish I Could...

I wish my local cafe served iced Chai.
I have asked them, but they still do not offer it.

You can make a suggestion for anything with a website. From a change to the layout of your local grocery store to a new feature on reddit, from an article suggestion for the New York Times to a new fading feature for your favorite open source DJ'ing software, you can change your world for the better using

Get Commitments

Get Commitments

Once you have a suggestion in the system, it is time to spread the word.

Social media, online forums, word of mouth, flyers, however you want to get the word out.

Commitments are a click away and do not require any payment or credit card information, we just need to know how much you would pay. A commitment can be small, the minimum is just $1 (USD)

Making it Official

Making it Official

Company/group/individual accepts suggestion.

Up until now, the company/group/individual may have not have heard of the suggestion. Once they do (and if they like the idea), they set the target funding amount and specify exactly what will be implemented. When this happens, a percentage bar is displayed on the suggestion page indicating how close to being funded the suggestion is.

Once the commitment level is high enough, the company/group/individual can accept the suggestion and the actual fundraising starts.

Raise Money!

Raise Money!

Full Steam Ahead!

Once co-funded has received enough money to cover the target funding, the company/group/individual must commence work on the suggestion within 60 days.


Make a suggestion

Co-Funders Accept Implementation

Did they do good?

Once implementation is completed, the Co-Funders verify that the work was done to their satisfaction. This is called User Acceptance and works on a simple voting mechanism. Your voting power is proportional to how much money you contributed.

The full voting process is described in the terms and conditions.

Make a suggestion

All done!

The suggestion has been implemented

Presuming that the Co-Funders accepted that work on the suggestion was satisfactorily completed, everything is now done. The company/group/individual gets paid. If they proposed to give the money to charity, they will now be expected do so, and to upload proof of the donation to

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