Activity for on co-funded.com for on co-funded.comen-usCopyright (C) 2013 New Suggestion for : Payment API<p>An API, which you can restrict by IP address, that will allow a separate&nbsp;system to post payments to and update orders accordingly. It would also be nice if it custom payment links could be added to the booking completed page/email.</p><p>These two features combined will allow you to use any payment option you want by using an external application&nbsp;(if you can build it).</p>, 07 Aug 2018 17:08:56 -0400 New Suggestion for : Get a signed SSL ticket for all transactions<p>Sercurity is a big concern. &nbsp;Despite financial transactions taking place across a secure, third-party connection, a lot of Personally Identifiable Information is transmitted to Dance Camps in an insecure fashion. &nbsp;This should be resolved.</p>, 07 Mar 2017 22:44:03 -0500 New Suggestion for : Accept payments in multiple currencies<p>tl;dr Save $$$ on currency exchange</p><p>With such a terrible exchange rate between CAD and USD I would love to be able to accept money in USD from our american customers. This would avoid our customer from having to convert their money to CAD and us converting it back USD to pay the people we are hiring.&nbsp;</p><p>(Our paypal is already set up to be able to both currencies)</p>, 10 Nov 2016 18:49:24 -0500 New Suggestion for : stipulation that can count selected fields to match number of selected classes<p>If people can choose individually from different classes or levels at an event and will get a discount if they chose more classes&nbsp;it is not possible to verify the selection or calculate the discounts if there are more than just a couple of options.</p><p>Option 1: I can use one product dropdown where the customer can choose the number of classes&nbsp;with the associated price. Then there are checkboxes or&nbsp;dropdown boxes for the class choices or the levels. This would be supper easy.</p><p>But know I need to check if the customer selects too little or too many classes. Unfortunately, there is no way to enter that rule. The system only offers AND therefore I &nbsp;would need to check all permutations that create a false. With just a few options this immediately exceeds&nbsp;&nbsp;more than&nbsp;100 rules.&nbsp;</p><p>Option 2: Have a product for each unit and use checkboxes for the products. When it is checked the dropdownbox for the class&nbsp;level selection can become&nbsp;visible. Input is easy to check. Great!</p><p>Since people get a discount if more units are selected, I would need to count the number of the selected units to deduct the price. So same problem as before. There is no rule and you need to deal with an exploding number of rules.</p><p>---</p><p>There needs to be an option where a stipulation can count the number of fields in a set that match a criteria, e.g. Something selected, and then compare this to the number of the selected products. For option 1:&nbsp;If it doesn&#39;t match it creates a false and warns the user that the number of selected classes don&#39;t match the number of classes chosen. For option 2: rules that match a certain number or are in a certain range deduct the price accordingly.&nbsp;</p><p>Cheers Marcus</p>, 22 Aug 2016 19:33:35 -0400 New Suggestion for : Add a "Notes" text field on custom intelligence rules.<p>Add an extra text field to intelligence rules, so users can quickly identify their purpose and important details.</p>, 19 Jan 2016 13:06:33 -0500 New Suggestion for : Automate better waiting lists<p>It would be good if waiting lists were managed like whether or not someone has paid or not.</p><p>Currently I manage status of whether or not a person is on the waiting list by ticket type. It would be good if like payment you had a button to put them in the waiting list that sent an automatic email when you take them off the waiting list.</p>, 01 Mar 2015 07:58:31 -0500 New Suggestion for : Competition Management<p>I would love to see Dance Camps add a competition management tool. &nbsp;The tool would allow for various competition formats and judging methods (including relative placement), produce EmCee Sheets as well as Judging sheet, and handle competitor randomization. &nbsp;This would all be tied into the DanceCamps registration system by identifying products and information items that correspond to the competition elements (comp, partner, &#39;account balance&#39;).</p>, 18 Feb 2015 07:58:16 -0500 New Suggestion for : Budgeting Tool<p>DanceCamps has a weak expense tracking tool (see other coFunded suggestion for that), and no budgeting tool.</p><p>When hosting an event, it&#39;s great to have the expenses and budget and revenue all in one place. &nbsp;DC only provides good revenue tracking. &nbsp;I&#39;d like to see DC expand to include a budgeting tool that allows the user to monitor income and expenses categories against the budget. &nbsp;</p>, 18 Feb 2015 07:53:56 -0500 New Suggestion for : Better Expense Tracking<p>Expense tracking in DanceCamps has no contextual information. &nbsp;When tracking expenses, we usually need to record date of expense, vendor, expense category (and sub category), who made the purchase, if they need reimbursed, and so on. &nbsp;I would like to see the expense tracker be expanded to incorporate these features.</p>, 18 Feb 2015 07:51:05 -0500 New Suggestion for : Option to Customize Payment Email when marking Registrant as "Paid"<p>Currently, when we we mark the registrant as &quot;Paid&quot; on the booking list, the &quot;Payment Confirmation&quot; email is sent automatically.&nbsp; Sometimes, we mark the registrant as &quot;Paid&quot; because of arrangements other than receiving actual payment, e.g., when the Camp Pass was transferred, and the transaction was settled between transferor and transferee.</p><p>So it would be good to have an option to edit the Payment Confirmation email that goes out (without having to change the original Payment Confirmation Email template), before the sends the email.&nbsp; This helps to safeguard the organizers from subsequent refund claims because a &quot;Payment Confirmation&quot; email was sent out when no payment was received.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>, 09 Feb 2015 02:59:27 -0500 ?>