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Option to Customize Payment Email when marking Registrant as "Paid"

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Option to Customize Payment Email when marking Registrant as "Paid"

When editing a booking, you can currently click on "add payment" to add a specific payment with a custom note.

I will update this page to allow you to edit the outgoing email text instead of just adding a note. ($50)

Additionally, when you choose "Mark as Fully Paid" as the option for multiple bookings, I can add the option to edit the outgoing email for the select bookings, but I'm not sure if this is necessary as I suspect this is mostly one-offs. The cost of this part would be $100.

I will start the proposal with just the change to the add payment page when editing a booking for $50. If you would also make use of the additional functionality for multiple bookings, please let me know in the comments (you'll have to make another commitment if you made one already) and I will update the proposal based on what happens.

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$50 (10%)
Company: SEKTR
Company Status: Verified
Suggestion Made By : Chan Meng
Suggestion Made : 09 Feb 2015
Target Amount : $50
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