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Allow me to send an email to any report

This improvement has been accepted for development. Once enough funding has been paid, the development will proceed


Allow me to send an email to any report

I will add a button "Send email to Report" to any custom report that has the Booking ID key.

You will be presented with a screen where you can enter the title and subject of the email and you will be able to mail merge any of the fields in the booking in the normal manner (#First Name# for example).

The emails sent will be tracked in the email history for each booking.

All money raised for this update will go to the Frankie Manning Foundation


$100 (12%)
Company: SEKTR
Company Status: Verified
Suggestion Made By :
Suggestion Made : 27 Jan 2015
Target Amount : $100


SEKTR have promised that they will use the money raised as follows:

The money will be donated to the Frankie Manning Foundation
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