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Automatic Project Time Counter

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Automatic Project Time Counter

I hate having to deal with billing and counting my hours for my various projects.

I would like PHPStorm to record certain activities and allow the raw data to be exported, ideally directly into an SQL database. Alternatively/additionally, the (intelligently) correlated statistics could be presented in a user-friendly way.

The end result, once correlated, would be something like the example below (Note: the algorithm was made up on the spot and is probably not the best way of figuring out time spent, but a good start perhaps).


[Date Range: 1st Sep->1st Oct]


  • Project A: 30 hours
  • Project B: 2 hours
  • Project C: 7 hours
  • Project D: 43 hours


Project A

  • Project Open: 300 hours
  • Project Has Focus: 50 hours
  • Active Typing time (less than 10 seconds between keystrokes):8 hours
  • Active time (less than 5 minutes between keystrokes): 18 hours
  • Semi active time (less than 20 minutes between keystrokes): 24 hours

Project A Calculation:
Active Typing + 1/2 Active time + 1/3 Semi active time + 1/10th Focus
8 + (18/2) + (24/3) + (50/10) = 30

and so on for the other projects

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