Activity for Statue of Liberty ( on co-funded.com for on co-funded.comen-usCopyright (C) 2013 New Suggestion for Statue of Liberty ( : Make Repairs to the Statue of Liberty's Torch so that we can Tour It<p>It was so dissapointing to learn that damage caused over 100 years ago to the Statue of Liberty&#39;s torch&nbsp;is the reason that we aren&#39;t able to take a tour of it.&nbsp; We&#39;d love to see either a major repair that would allow the general public to tour the torch of the offering of a premium VIP tour that would allow only a few people at a time to visit.&nbsp; I believe that thousands of people would gladly pay for this. This would enhance the experience of the statue&#39;s visitors while also providing a lot of extra cash for the National Park Service.</p>, 06 Mar 2015 16:36:29 -0500 ?>