Activity for on co-funded.com for on co-funded.comen-usCopyright (C) 2013 New Suggestion for : A Faster/easier Way To Simulate Unplugging And Re-plugging The Network Cable<p>I often move between networks, from home to work, from a friends house to a coffee shop.</p><p>I run vitualbox in NAT mode and sometimes when I switch networks, I am unable to connect my guest machine to the network through the software.</p><p>At the moment, I can resolve the problem by going to devices-&gt;network adaptors and unchecking the &quot;cable connected&quot; checkbox, then saving, closing, going back in and reconnecting.</p><p>I would like a button or menu option to simulate the whole process of unplugging and plugging back in the cable.</p>, 27 Jan 2015 20:33:36 -0500 ?>